Dye Detacher COMBINAL 125ml

Référence : 2133
Dye Detacher COMBINAL 125ml

Dye Detacher COMBINAL 125ml

Référence : 2133
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Dye detacher COMBINAL to use after a dye of eyelashes or eyebrows COMBINAL to remove dye stains on the skin. Rub with a cotton pad soaked with detacher on the skin to remove traces of dye.

The COMBINALDye Detacher, in 125 ml format, is used to remove dye residue from the skin after a lash or eyebrow dye.

How do I use the COMBINALDye Detacher?

The dye detacher COMBINAL is used immediately after the eyelash or eyebrow dye has been removed.

Once your eyelash or eyebrow dye is removed, soak a dye detacher cotton and rub the skin to effectively remove the dye stains on the skin.

The detacher contains alcohol, it is advisable to rinse the skin after use, to prevent drying out.