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Synthetic eyes training permanent makeup

Synthetic Lips Training Permanent Makeup

Synthetic eyes training permanent makeup



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Synthetic eyes for permanent make-up training allow the different techniques of permanent make-up (eyebrows, eye liner) to be practiced on synthetic skin with the shape of the look. They are essential for practical training before moving on to real models. Its texture similar to human skin and its reliefs allow for optimal practice.

A must for permanent make-up training!

Do you want to master the practice of permanent make-up on a medium similar to that of human skin? Synthetic eyes allow you to practice permanent makeup by drawing eyebrows, or eye liner. Its texture and reliefs are optimal for precision training. The essential step before the transition on real model.

The synthetic eye support for permanent makeup presents 4 different forms of look, to bring variety to your workout. Round, almond-shaped eyes,... to fit all types of look, and opt for the perfect design.

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